The Massasoit and Edward Winslow: An Enduring Friendship

This presentation is designed to help you understand the history of cooperation that occurred in the 17th century led by the Massasoit Osamequin and Pilgrim Separatist Edward Winslow and how that cooperation ended with each of their sons by the 1670s. The earnest efforts on the part of Edward Winslow to establish mutual trust and friendship had germinated an enduring friendship between Pilgrim leaders and key figures among the Pokanoket Nation.  The Massasoit Osamequin proved to be a gracious leader by allowing the Pilgrims to settle at Pautuxet, he permitted Squanto to assist the Pilgrims in surviving in his territory, and he initiated the alliance and peace. At the very least, this foundation of peace did demonstrate how two diverse groups of human beings overcame significant differences to live as neighbors. Maybe greater wisdom could have assured a more genuine and honest relationship, which would have enabled them to live together in harmony to this day. Click here for a 20-minute YouTube presentation.

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