Mayflower Author Nathaniel Philbrick meets the Pokanoket Sagamore Po Wauipi Neimpaug


Pokanoket Nation Sagamore Po Wauipi Neimpaug (William Guy) is introduced to Mayflower author Nathaniel Philbrick at the Providence Athenaeum by Philbrick’s cousin, Timothy, ahead of his presentation at the Unitarian Church nearby on December 12, 2019.


The Athenaeum, sponsor of the Author’s talk, provided a reception at which the Author’s cousin, Timothy Philbrick (above right), met the Pokanoket Sagamore, Winds of Thunder, and then introduced him to Nathaniel.


(Above, left) The Author meets the Sagamore, a direct descendant of the Massasoit Osamequin, King Philip and Simeon Simans, George Washington’s personal bodyguard in the Revolutionary War, Philbrick wrote about the King Philip War  in his popular 2006 book, Mayflower, a Story of Courage, Community and War and about the Revolutionary War in four of his books. (Above, right) Philbrick talks with Attorney Robert Watt who is working on behalf of the Tribe as Tribal Council President Quogqueii Qunnegk (Deborah Afdasta) listens.


Following the reception, Philbrick gives an hour-long talk about the American Revolution to an overflow crowd in the nearby Unitarian Society Church hall.

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